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Corporate Gifting: The Do’s and Don’ts that Matter

“The quality of gifts depends on the sincerity of the giver.”
-Ann Patchett

Organizations around the world are forever on the lookout for the best corporate gifts to present to their clients, vendors, employees, and other stakeholders. In the contemporary business scenario, the exchange of custom promotional gifts and personalized corporate gifts are no longer mere ‘nice gestures’ that can be done without. Rather, innovative creative corporate gift ideas are much sought after as smart business imperatives.They pave the way for better organizational goodwill and serve to enhance the brand image of your company. 


This brief guide will help you understand the things that matter, and those that don’t, in the world of business gifts. Let’s begin by understanding why company gifts should become an essential part of the business strategy of your company. 

Value of Corporate Gifts


Corporate giveaways succeed in strengthening relationships by including an emotional touch to (otherwise) formal dealings. Such gifts play the role of valuable marketing tools with specific goals in business strategies. Be it gifts for customers, or gifts for employees, business merchandise increases the visibility of your brand by creating an emotional connect, right away. They create a positive perception in the minds of recipients about your products and services. Given this, the entire process of corporate gifting has to be conceptualized and implemented with care. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Client Gifts


The best corporate merchandise ideas are those that take care of certain do’s and don’ts of corporate gifting. They adhere to the norms of giving away corporate promotional items with an aim of making a good impression. The presentation of custom corporate gifts should be done in a manner that is acceptable by industry standards. They should not offend anyone. Additionally, there should not be any embarrassment inflicted upon others and yourself. 

The Do’s and Best Practices of Business Gifting


1. Find out About the Client Organization’s Gifting Policy


It is always better to ascertain an organization’scorporate gifting policy before you start giving shape to your ideas. Multi-national companies, auditing firms, and banks usually have very stringent regulations in place with regards to gifting.


For instance:


  • You will come across certain organizations that allow their employees to accept gifts but only in the presence of a witness. 
  • There may be a restriction on the value of the corporate gift that can be received; they have to be within a certain specified amount. 
  • In most cases, it is important for the gifting company’s logo to be present on the merchandise given. 
  • More often than not, agency employees and employees working in government departments are prohibited from accepting any kind of gifts. 

It’s recommended that you ask your client upfront. In case there is a “no corporate gifting” in place, ensure that you adhere to the rules to avoid agonizing your client in any way. In some instances, you be may receive suggestions from HR departments with regards to what’sacceptable (and what’s not) when you plan to send a token of appreciation or a small gift. 


2.  Respect the Cultural Differences


The global economy has opened up like never before. Organizations headquartered in different countries, and with employees of different cultures on their list, are transacting on an everyday basis. It is common for such organizations to adhere to their respective rules with regards to corporate gifting. 

With this in mind, research upon the gifting traditions of diverse cultures and countries before placing the purchase order for your gifts. This is especially true with respect to the gifting norms of multi-national companies. Be aware of and sensitive to the cultural differences of your client organization. Respecting others’ culture will strengthen the bond you share and lead to more business in future. 


3. Consider the Nature of the Audience


The main goal of personalized gifts relates to creating a long, lasting impression on your clients and other recipients. To attain success, it is important to understand what type of corporate merchandise will cast a positive impact on your brand. Also, your gift should be accepted with interest by the recipients. 

For instance, office stationery is among the most popular and obvious choices for professional gifts. However, while looking at the product catalogues of a promotional gift company, its important to search for those items that would resonate with your clients’ business. There is no point in investing in those executive gift ideas that may not strike a chord with your recipients. You would not like your gift to be stashed away or given off without being used. Go for unique corporate gift ideas that show you care. In return, you stand a higher chance of getting more growth for your business. 


4. Choose the Correct Time for Gifting


Timing is of prime importance when it comes to implementing your unique corporate gift ideas. Say, if your plans are to send out holiday-themed or festive gifts to your clients, then start the process a few months in advance. Keep enough time in hand to check out the products and rates of the best corporate gifting companies in UAE before freezing your order. That way, you will not be rushed to make impulse purchases at high costs. You can make a more-informed decision after due comparison of what’s available on the racks. 

With more time on hand, the gifts ordered by you can be packed and sent with carefully written notes to add the personal touch. If you planning to send chocolates, sweets, dry fruits, or other perishables, then make sure that they are delivered when there is someone around to receive them. 

Sending gifts in time also ensures that their delivery is timed as per the festival or starting of any holiday season. For instance, if you are planning to send Christmas gifts this year, start brainstorming for your choice of products by September or October to make your corporate gifts strategy a success. Your clients and employees will be happy to receive their gifts before offices shut down for Christmas!


5. Be Unique


Custom promotional merchandise is no longer restricted to items like keychains and pens. The world of corporate thank you gifts and custom promotional items has moved on. Current trends show a fast-emerging demand for creative corporate gifts that are useful and innovative. For example, customized bags, mugs, and computer accessories are making it to the list of cool corporate gifts. Such items are likely to get a nod from the PR and marketing teams alike. 

While making your selection of company promotional items, try to think-out-of-the-box so that your gifts stand apart from the rest. Make a list of the items that you or your colleuges would like to receive from your clients. Then try to add a twist by asking the corporate gift company of your choice to make it exclusive in its appearance and appeal. For instance, if you are planning to gift planners to the top executives of a client organization, research upon their areas of interest and put in relevant photographs in each. While a specific plannerhas snowy mountain peaks to demark different months, the others may have exotic birds, flowers, or astronomical bodies to include your unique personal touch. 


6. Go the Eco Way – It’s the Latest Fad


Check out different eco-friendly and sustainable products that will be appreciated by your clients and company stakeholders. Such products are considered premium and are cherished by most corporates. For example, you may want to purchase artistically designed, small clay pots that can hold an indoor plant. Such gifts establish your organization’s credibility as being an eco-friendly one. They are received with joy and much-appreciated for the value they bring in.  


7. Branding is Essential


In the process of choosing, ordering, and sending across the best corporate gift, do remember to include your brand in a subtle way. The idea is to increase brand recall through your business gift ideas. You may either give a small synopsis of your main services, or restrict the branding to your company’s logo. Think of innovative ways of getting your brand noticed every time the gift is used or displayed. Utility items with a custom-defined design (and logo) will highlight your brand to the recipient and others without any ado. 


8. Personalize Corporate Logo Gifts


An easy means of creating a positive brand image lies in personalizing your corporate giveaway ideas. You can convey the goodwill of your company by adding a small, handwritten note, with a line of two that directly addresses the recipient. Far more impactful than regular printed cards, such notes add a personal touch for your clients. The same goes for the personalized gifts for employees. Your staff will feel special to receive a hand-written note from you when business giftsare sent their way. 


9. Difference Between Exclusive Corporate Gifts& Promotional Gift Items


While shortlisting corporate gifts online, or offline, do note the difference between the rates and quality of innovative corporate gifts and regular promotional giveaways. Generally, promotional gifts are branded items that can be purchased in bulk at very affordable rates. They are of much lower quality than the branded corporate gifts for clients. These promotional items can be procured in large quantities to be given away at seminars, exhibitions, road shows, and product launches as an extension of your advertising efforts. 

On the other hand, corporate branded gifts comprise of higher value items. They are usually purchased by themselves (or in small quantities) to be given to select clients and stakeholders. You may want to invest in such premium gift items to strengthen relationships or show your gratitude or appreciation. Unique corporate giveaways are very useful for increasing brand loyalty. They encourage your clients to interact with more enthusiasm with your brand. 


10. Stick to Your Budget


Are you planning to send something to a client who has a restriction on the monetary value of the gift that can be accepted? Its well-advised to remain on the safer side by setting aside a budget for a thoughtful yet small gift. This aside, it is wise to chalk out your budget beforehand after ascertaining the appropriate expenditure. Both under-budgeting and over-budgeting of your corporate gift plans may backfire; so, set the amount carefully and stick to it.

The Don’ts– What to avoid in Corporate Gifting


1. Refrain from Gifting During the Tendering Process


Despite your company having a liberal gifting policy, it is wrong to send gifts when the tendering process is on. Your act can be misconstrued as sending a bribe. This behavior is considered unethical by all standards and has to be avoided. 


2. Stay Away from Intimate or Lavish Gifts


Even though your intent may be clear, sending an overtly expensive or personal item may make the recipient feel awkward or embarrassed. Items like jewelry and silverware fail as great corporate gifts and are to be avoided at all costs. In case you are still in doubt about what to send, ask for personalized branded promotional gifts from a gifting company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. You will be surprised to see all that they have in store for you. 


3. Don’t Misspell Names


Any guess work while spelling your recipient’s name can put your gifting exercise in poor light. Getting names wrong on your gift is a complete no-no. Your recipient would be left in a state of embarrassment and may rate you as a careless person to have performed the act. That’s not what you want! Rather, strive to make your client feel special when he or she opens the gift. Remember to add accent marks if any – For example, Chloé, Renée, or André– to show how much you care.

Leave it to Experts in Corporate Gifting


If the above do’s and don’ts are confusing for you then reach out to professional gifting companies in UAE for the best company gift ideas. From fun corporate gifts to cheap promotional goods and employee gift ideas, they provide it all at affordable rates. Their many years of experience and expertise in corporate gifting will make the entire process a breeze for you. 

Get in touch with the gift company close to you, today!