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Perfect Corporate Gifts Make your Clients go “Wow!”

The Art of Giving Perfect Corporate Gift Items


Well-chosen corporate gifts have their own wow factor in terms of utility and appearance alike. Right from the time of their arrival, they create a sense of excitement with their packaging, thoughtfulness, and how they promote a brand. However, this is not true when it comes to corporate gifts sent without proper inputs from the PR, marketing, and sales departments. Similarly, the lack of professional help in choosing company promotional items, often leaves recipients at their wits end about the nature of gifts sent their way. Resultantly, the ideas behind making investments in corporate gifting and promotional items remains unfulfilled.

What Goes Wrong?


While the more commonly received gifts are passed on, others lose their sheen in a couple of days. They may be kept away for later use, or displayed in places that may not come to the notice of the clients and their visitors. More often than not, promotional items and company gifts serve to be a waste of money and marketing resources for those commissioning them. Most organizations fail to generate optimum returns for the money spent on their corporate business gifts and ideas. Despite having the best intent in place, they lose out on the main purpose of investing in corporate promotional items – brand recall and promotion.

What is the way out?


Corporate gifting companies in UAE recommend custom promotional merchandise as a good alternative to standard corporate giveaways. They have the best promotional items and corporate giveaway ideas to share on Christmas, Ramadan, Thanksgiving Day, New Year’s Day and other occasions. Companies desirous of sending exclusive corporate gifts to their customers and clients find it easy to brainstorm the best business gift ideas with such companies. In a nutshell, they understand the importance of perfect corporate gifting and guide their clients forward in the best manner possible. 

Choosing Perfect Corporate Gifts for Clients 


Are you responsible for selecting corporate presents for your organization? If yes, then what follows is for you. These tips will help you build good relationships with your customers and clients. Just put on your creative cap and give vent to your imagination as you go about your search for the perfect gifts to send to them.

Choose Gifts Wisely


Brainstorming with regards to company promotional items can be a nerve-racking and difficult affair. Fortunately, there are many tried and tested company gift ideas that can come to your rescue year on year. The appropriate corporate business gifts are the ones that steer clear of impractical and overused items. 


Scour the corporate gift shop of your choice to freeze upon the items that will not act as clutter. For example, in case your customer is known to take notes on the go, then a pen set and personalised diary planner would be the proper way of scoring brownie points with him or her. 


Unlike perishable company gifts with a set time limit, such as food, you may want to opt for branded promotional gifts that have a higher shelf life and can last for some time. The best corporate gifts, especially those with a personalized touch, are always received happily and provide a good recall value for your brand. If you are picking something that a team of people can share between themselves, then choose cool corporate gifts that will show your thoughtfulness. They will go down well with all recipients. 

Know Your Customers and Clients


Remember, the innovative corporate gifts of your liking may fail to wow your employees, existing clients, vendors, customers, managers or potential clients. Given this, it is important to consider their personal preferences before shortlisting your unique corporate gift ideas. This is specifically true if you wish to send across savouries or sweets to them – just take the opportunity to give them a call and ask for their dietary choices. It’s okay to reveal, “We would like to send a small token of our appreciation, but thought it prudent to check if you preferred X, Y, or Z.”

Keep Company Guidelines in Mind


Before freezing upon promotional gift items or corporate merchandise ideas, take a pause to consider the basics. Does your company have a policy for gifting custom promotional items? As different industries and organizations have their own guidelines for promotional gifts, it is a good idea to check for them beforehand. In addition, it is important to ascertain if there is a spending limit for business gifts for customers and corporate thank you gifts for employees. Avoid overspending or under budgeting; the act will help you gain maximum benefits for your gift ideas.

Decide on the Budget of Corporate Gifting


Branded gifts and custom promotional items have to be chosen with a lot of care to make them the perfect option for your company. Sound budgeting is an important factor of consideration for this cause. It is a good idea to go through the product catalogues of different corporate gifts companies to figure out the cost of quality products. The cool corporate gifts chosen by you should not compromise with how you spend your budget money. Stay away from low-quality items as they would reflect badly on the branding and image of your company. In essence, they would send out the opposite message that your creative corporate gifts should send – therefore, choose the perfect gifts accordingly. 



The gift company of your choice in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or other places in UAE will provide recommendations for personalized corporate gifts and ways of personalizing unique corporate giveaways. Be it through engravings, hand-written cards, or imprints, they will ensure the visibility of your brand without being overtly promotional. The custom corporate gifts sent to your customers and clients will carry your voice to help your company get the mileage it seeks. 

Perfect Corporate Gift Ideas have to be Meaningful 

A corporate gift may be anything ranging from desk items and stationery goods to a coffee mug flaunting your company’s logo. An all-inclusive vacation for a couple to any exotic location is also a good idea– take your pick. If chosen thoughtfully, your corporate gifts will highlight that you value the relationship nurtured between the receiver and your organization. Meaningful corporate gifting ideas will showcase your gratitude and sense of significance towards employees, customers, clients, etc. and their contribution to your business. 


A promotional gift company will help you pick the right place and time, as well as the method, of sending personalized gifts to your clients or employees. If the act is carried out in a meaningful way then your business gifts will have a greater impact on most recipients.

Gifting Manners


General gifting etiquette states that professional gifts should be sent rather than gifted in person. This ensures that the gift is received in a non-showy, inconspicuous manner, thus avoiding any unwanted attention. However, sending across custom promotional gifts does not mean that your efforts of picking or packaging them have to be downplayed in any way. You may still incorporate attractive personal touches to indicate your thoughtfulness!

Limited Branding


Executive gift ideas and great corporate gifts are all about your organization making long and lasting impressions on those who matter. However, your efforts should not be overshadowed by the gift company’s branding strategies. Sometimes, the promotional advertisements and logo of the corporate gifting company come in the way of your message to the recipients. In order to avoid this, you may want to discuss how their branding efforts could conflict with yours; assess the problem and take all necessary steps beforehand.

Volume Discounts


The perfect corporate logo gifts are those that adhere to your budget and give full value for the amount invested in them. As high-quality and innovative corporate gifts are not really cheap, you will be spending quite a sum on the gifting company selected by you. Given that you will be giving them bulk orders now, and possibly in future too, it is important that they value your business. One good way of going about this is via volume discounts on the promotional goods delivered by them. The savings coming your way will secure your loyalty for the company’s unique gift ideas in the short and long run alike. 

Add A Twist


Fun corporate gifts, especially the ones that are a result of out-of-the-box promo gifts ideas, are very well-received. This gift giving strategy can be made to stick to your company’s budget regardless of what items you choose- stationery, bags, mugs, notebooks, water bottles, post-its or something else. Well-thought of humorous client corporate gifts is a good means of building client relationships. They bust stress, build up trust, and inspire creative thinking without offending recipients in any way. Creative and twisted employee gift ideas, especially those sent with funny messages, reminds people to take themselves less seriously than they do. In fact, they make for perfect employee and client gifts in today’s work scenario. 

Perfection in Corporate Gift Packaging


The age-old adage, “the first impression is the best impression” also rings true in context to your promotion gift ideas. A corporate gift shop in UAE can help you with the best packaging solutions to create a good first impression to fuel your brand recognition efforts. Regardless of whether you purchase corporate gifts online or through a premium gift company in Dubai, do not forget to include a nice, warm message with your gift. Packaging is equally important as the corporate gift selected by you, so do not compromise on this part of gift giving as far as possible. The quality of your gift is reflected in the delivery module as well. Remember, the unboxing experience has to be good enough for your clients to value and take delight in what you send.

Customer Experiences with your Corporate Gift Company


Your own experiences with the gift company serves to be an essential factor for all future transactions. Pay attention to the support provided to you even after the corporate gifts purchased from them have been delivered. For instance, if you have chosen to send a perishable product, ensure that they have helpful policies in place in case something goes wrong. If it’s a live plant that you have sent to a client, its important to clarify whether the gifting company offers instructions and proper one-on-one on-site assistance or not. 

The Importance of Perfect Corporate Gifting


Corporate gifts for clients are possibly the best way for organizations to connect to their customer base and varied range of clientele. The habit of giving corporate thank you gifts makes the entire process of gift giving more fun-filled and devoid of stress. You may want to brainstorm upon your creative corporate gift ideas with the preferred corporate gift company in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. The custom promotional merchandise chosen by you will strengthen your existing relationships with your clients and foster new ones. The corporate promotional items gifted to your employees will add to their productivity, thereby enabling your progress. 

Bottom Line


Last but certainly not the least, never over do the act of corporate gift giving. Avoid the risk of being too visible or showy at all costs. Rather than planning a grand entry for the gift sent by your company, plan a subtle receipt. Your client will appreciate the gesture, especially if the gift has been sent for one person. It is equally important that you do not end up overspending on the business gifts as clients may be pressurized to reciprocate the act, whether they can afford to return the favour or not. 


Here’s a general tip. Buy thoughtful corporate gifts rather than spending a lot of money on something that may not have the same impact. The idea is to choose the perfect corporate gift – one that will be received by your customers and clients with a “wow!