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Perfect Presents: The Importance of Corporate Gifting

Muhammad Asif, the PR Manager of a multinational organization headquartered in Dubai, was at his wits end while brainstorming with his team. Ramadan was in full swing and they had not frozen upon the corporate gift for the season. With over 900 clients and 250 employees on the list, they were still pondering upon the unique corporate gift ideas in their repository. 


“Why don’t we get in touch with professionals belonging to a promotional gift company in UAE?” Martha asked with a quizzical look in her eyes. 


Martha, Asif’s personal secretary was aware of consulting companies that could set them on track with regards to corporate gifts and promotional giveaways. She continued, “Be it gifts for employees during the festive season or great corporate gifts for brand value enhancement, they always have the best ideas up their sleeve!”. 


Asif left was he was doing to understand how consultants in personalized corporate gifts companies could help them with innovative corporate gifts at affordable prices. “Go right ahead!” he said with a confirmatory sway of his hand. 


Martha got in touch with the best professionals in the field of corporate gifting and distribution in Dubai. The ordering process was equally simple. Very soon, unique corporate giveaways were on their way to their recipients. 


If you are still wondering about the importance of corporate gift giving, or how to go about the process, then what follows is for you. Through this interesting blog, we aim to throw light on the significance of corporate and promotional gift items, points to consider before going about the serious business of corporate gifting, ways of choosing the best professional gifts for customers, etc. 


Read on for more.

How to Choose the Best Corporate Gifts


The most effective tests related to whether your customers or clients will be happy or not with the promotional gifts or incentives depends on your own perception of the same. In case you find your corporate giveaway ideas classy and exquisite, in all probability, your clients and vendors will also have a good word for them. 


On the other hand, if the custom corporate gifts seem inferior to your senses then in all probability, they will be acknowledged with a pinch of salt by the recipients.  In other words, it is important for you to weigh the pros and cons of different corporate merchandise ideas before freezing upon one. 


1. Choose client gifts that you can proudly endorse with your brand


Generally, before corporate promotional items are sent forward to customers, vendors or clients, they are endorsed with the name of the company gifting them. It is common for recipients to link the name of the brand, its products and services, and the management, with personalized corporate gifts. Under the circumstances, when you are selecting custom promotional merchandise as giveaways, it is essential to opt for only those items that speak highly of your company. Else, the entire campaign may fizzle out and lose its worth. 


2. Best corporate gift items: Items that can be used daily


Corporate gifts for clients should be aimed towards keeping your brand name on top of their mind at all times. In all probability, you have walked into the office of a client to spot some corporate logo gifts presented earlier on by your organization. Isn’t it heartening to see the name of your company etched on a coffee mug, personal planner or clock placed on the client’s desk? 


To meet this end, it is important to look for innovative corporate gifts that can be used on a day to day basis – professional notebooks, coffee table books, gourmet food baskets, calendars, portable phone chargers, power banks, tea or coffee blends, business card holders, calculators, USB flash drives, highlighters, key chains, etc. – the list of unique corporate gift ideas is endless. 


3. Imprint brand name on promotional gift items only where appropriate


Regardless of whether you are exploring employee gift ideas or corporate business gifts, it is a good idea to include your company name on them. It is not possible for all promotional gifts to carry the brand name. However, you may consider imprinted custom promotional items for special occasions, especially those that impact your business. 


The idea is to prevent your corporate gift items from seeming like a shameless self-promotional tactic. This can backfire in a big way. On most occasions, a small print logo or discreet engraving can be considered appropriate on exclusive corporate gifts as well as gifts for employees – act accordingly. 


4. Choose items related to business for promotional corporate gift campaigns


Corporate gifting companies generally have a plethora of custom promotional gifts to choose from. Their catalogues are designed keeping in mind the business interests of companies belonging to different industry verticals. Unique corporate giveawaysfrom such companies can add immense value to your promotional gift campaigns, especially if they well-chosen to enhanceyour organization’s brand recognition.


The best company promotional items for this purpose are the ones that are closely related to your business operations. For instance, if your company deals in computer hardware, then an imprinted mouse pad, an external HDD cover or any other related item, are good promotion gift ideas (a printed cup or pen would fail to impact your customers in the same way).


5. Branded promotional gifts for executives and associates


When you are considering executive gift ideas, try to be personal but only to the extent required. Over-personalization of corporate gift ideas is not recommended by any promotional gift company.Personalized gifts are best suited as acknowledgement of events, holidays or personal milestones. 


The promotional items for this purpose should be more for personal utility rather than for office or professional use. Executive pads and mouse mats may not make it to the list of cool corporate gifts for this cause. Rather, an engraved cap, a coffee mug or a car-key chain would fit the bill better. 


6. Corporate gifting should align with company budget


Gifts for customers and clients are feel-good measures to cement relationships between stakeholders and organizations. This accepted and expected company expenditure has a predefined budget that has to be adhered to the hilt to make the cause worthwhile. The purchase and distribution costs of company gifts can be listed under the category of customer retention, business promotion, advertising or any other budgeted head by the management. 


The PR managers or officers responsible for choosing corporate gifts online or offline are advised to compare the products of different corporate gifting companies before freezing their choice on one. Over-budgeting or under-budgeting of corporate giveaways are avoidable under all circumstances. 


Finding extraordinary yet original professional gifts for your customers and employees is not as difficult a task as it seems to the eye. The companies dealing in great corporate gifts in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai can help you with exquisite and exceptional ideas for promotional giveaways right away!

Top Tips to Buy Corporate Gifts Online


Unique gift ideas and the best promotional gifts come at a cost. Still, you can make the most of your purchase of promo gifts by keeping these top tips in mind. 



1. Ask for volume discounts



It’s simple mathematics. Greater volumes attract bigger discount and hence bigger savings. For this, it is essential that you ask for bulk discounts from the company providing the best corporate gifts. In case the company in the reckoning values your purchase order then it should not hesitate in offering you a good discount on the overall amount spent. 


2. Say no to promotional inserts


Branded gifts can sometimes come in the way of what your associate or client thinks of your intent. Are you promoting your brand rather than sending a corporate gift? Are you trying to get my business? What is the hidden agenda behind this premium gift


These and other related queries may come to the mind of recipients if they find pamphlets advertising the corporate gift companybefore they notice the gift inside the package. As the gifts commissioned by you are more in the nature of corporate thank you gifts for your business associates, a simple sticker imprinted with the company’s name (for promotional sake) should be good enough!



3. Properly timed dates for the arrival of business gifts



When you are conceptualizing business gift ideas or freezing upon them, it is equally important to create the timelines for their arrival dates. This is specifically true in case you are planning to gift perishable items like sweets, exotic fruits, cakes, chocolates, etc. These gifts have to reach at the time when recipients are likely to be around at the designated address.  In case they arrive after the office has shut down for festive holidays or the weekend, then the gifts sent by you may get spoiled. To avoid this, it is essential that you brainstorm upon the date of arrival with the businessgift company selected by you. 



4. Personal notes



Irrespective of whether you are sending across fun corporate gifts, creative corporate gifts or the more professional business gifts, it is important to include a personalized note in the package. In case it is not possible to write hand-written notes, you may ask the corporate gifting company to insert notes on your behalf to add the much-needed personal touch. Corporate gifts are often taken to be impersonal and gimmicky. Given this, it certainly helps to personalize them with a thoughtful note. 

Why is Corporate Gifting Important?


As in most parts of the world, companies in UAE are fast understanding the significance of corporate gift giving in today’s business scenario. Exchange of corporate gifts between companies is on a steady rise. The advantages of sending personalized gifts or something special to people they work with is no longer being undermined by small and large companies alike. Be it on the occasion of Ramadan, Christmas, or the happening of any corporate event, gifting has become a norm rather than an option in the competitive business scenario. 


Be it corporate gift hampers, subscription gifting, flowers or chocolates, there is a wide range of corporate gifting ideas to choose from. Your choice of business gift speaks a lot about your organization’s professionalism and hence the act should be carried out with utmost care. 


Selection of the proper corporate gift for customers, executives, associates and employees, as well as the method put in place for giving them, is of utmost importance. What’s more significant is understanding the recipients’ preference in a proactive and friendly manner to do full justice to the act. As this may not be possible at all times with customers and clients, it helps to take expert recommendations to make a good choice. Whatever steps you take, the corporate gifting campaign undertaken by you should remind the recipients of your business association with them – and at all times.

Buy Personalized Gifts to Reinforce Your Brand


The gift chosen by you can be appropriately customized to depict your brand’s value in the best possible way. Proper personalization, accompanied with your business logo, will help in opening up new, positive avenues with your clients and associates. For best results, it is recommended that you place your corporate gift requirements in the hands of those who know the business in and out.

Way Forward


The consultants in corporate gift giving companies go a long way in helping you freeze upon the appropriate promotional goods and gifts within your budget. Reach out to your preferred corporate gifting company to order the best products for upcoming occasions, festivals or corporate events. You will find it easy to freeze upon the gifts of choice by taking a close look at their exhaustive product catalogues.


Do time your orders so that the products can be customized and delivered in good time. Working with acknowledged professionals and experts (linked with a reputed promotional and corporate gift supplying company in Dubai) can help you make lucrative and affordable choices. They will also provide sound assistance at every step of your business gifts order – get in touch with them, today!