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Top Reasons Why Promotional Goods Fuel your Business Growth

Promotional giveaways and business gifts are valuable marketing tools. They capture the loyalty and attention of customers through their useful nature, attractive appeal, and easy brand recall value. Corporate giveaways have to be carefully planned and designed to create optimum impact on their receivers. Organizations in the UAE – however big or small, are now are view corporate promotional items as an economical means of reaching their target audience and retaining existing customers.  


Corporate gifting companies in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and elsewhere, are helping companies choose the most suitable gifts for corporate meetings, seminars, symposiums, trade shows, trade fairs, festivals and special occasions, exhibitions, cultural shows, carnivals, gifts for employees, and so forth. They are helping businesses escalate their growth and sales figures by offering high-quality products and the best corporate giveaway ideas

Why do Companies Buy Promotional Gift Items?


Corporate business gifts, especially those with the brand logo imprinted on them, can be personalized to serve as an excellent means on portable marketing. Unlike press releases, billboards, hoardings, circulars and other general means of brand promotion, custom promotional merchandise talk of the brand – wherever they go. The main reasons behind businesses investing in client gifts are:


  • Well-conceived corporate giveaway ideas create enhanced brand visibility and bring a company’s products and services in front of a wide target audience. 
  • Personalized corporate gift items serve as cost-effective marketing solutions as they are purchased in large quantities at affordable coasts. In comparison to outdoor and media marketing strategies, the outlay on corporate gifts and promotional items is much less. 
  • Corporate gifts for employees create a strong affinity for the brand. When used by employees, they create further brand awareness for prospective customers. 
  • Promotional products and gifts create a long-lasting impact on the minds of customers to increase their loyalty towards the brand. 

Do Promotional Goods Fuel Business Growth?


Although there are several changes in how businesses operate these days, one thing remains a constant – the necessity to keep the brand and business name foremost in the minds of clients and customers. Promotional products provide effective ways of going about this act through the intelligent use of creative corporate gift ideas. 


The significance of company promotional items cannot be undermined in any way:


  • Successful businesses vouch for the fact that using promotional gift items often result in higher sales and a better ROI for their organizations. 
  • Business owners, both big and small, desire to grow at a brisk rate to survive in today’s tough competitive environment. 
  • Gifting acts are largely instrumental in increasing the brand visibility of the company commissioning the distribution of promotional items on special occasions. 
  • Innovative corporate gifts are very well accepted and improve upon business relations, productivity of employees, and future business growth alike. 

Role of Promotional Goods


The traditional means of marketing are now passé. They are no longer relevant in the age of digitization and smart marketing strategies. Thoughtfully chosen personalized corporate gifts have stepped in to fill the gap and fuel business growth. Customers tend to keep and use these items, thereby helping the marketing efforts of the senders of unique corporate giveaways. At most times, promotion gift ideas are replicated by customers because of the utility and value they provide. Personalized gifts usually make it to the desks, offices and homes of business stakeholders and enable the much-needed brand recall for organizations.

Benefits of Distributing Promotional Items


The benefits of incorporating promotional products in marketing campaigns are indeed many. Given this, regardless of whether you are operating in UAE or elsewhere, do know that your business requires promotional gifts to grow. This is especially true in the face of the competitive scenario prevailing in current times.

What are Promo Gifts and Merchandise?


Corporate gifts for clients and promotional merchandise are products that are branded with a company slogan or logo. 


  • These products are sent or distributed to promote a brand, event or corporate identity. The generic terms used for them by marketing and sales people are freebies, Promotional products, giveaways, or ad specialties. 
  • Sometimes, corporate merchandise ideas are implemented by selling products at a discount (or loss) in order to promote a company, brand, corporate image, or event. 
  • It is common to find professional gifts being distributed as handouts at conference venues, trade shows, on sales calls, and as bonus items along with shipped orders. Innovative business gift ideas are also put into place in guerrilla marketing campaigns. 
  • The best corporate gifts and promotional items are limited merely by your creativity. Commonly used advertising gifts may range from innovative items like first aid kits and decoration pieces to data storage devices, refrigerator magnets, golf balls, and digital office stationery. They also include market-proven cool corporate gifts like calendars, baseball caps, coffee mugs, pen stands, notepads, and so forth. 


No matter what company gift ideas you freeze upon finally, or the corporate logo gifts you select, it is important to ensure that you get maximum return for your investments. 

How do Promotional Goods Encourage Business Growth?


Businesses in UAE are capitalizing on the use of great corporate gifts to elevate themselves to the next levels of success. Given below are the primary reasons for including custom promotional items in their marketing efforts. These reasons are enough to foster your company’s growth as well. 


  1. Increase in customer loyalty


Well-conceived corporate gift ideas can fuel customer loyalty manifold. Remember, your customers and clients are always desirous of getting more than mere products and services. 


  • Sharing exclusive corporate gifts will enhance their chances of selecting your brand over those of your competitors.
  • Your customers will remember to transact with you when they keep seeing the custom promotional gifts sent their way by your organization. 
  • It does not matter whether you are linked with a fully-fledged business or are running a start-up company. The corporate thank you gifts chosen by you will boost customer retention and also attract potential clients. 
  • Encourage all marketing and PR team members to come up with unique gift ideas to enable the cause. You may also invest in personalized products and gifts for employees to reward them from time to time. 


  1. Promote better customer relationships


Businesses thrive on meaningful relationships and robust networks. Your potential customers and existing clients are likely to refer to your brand if you invest your resources in strengthening your ties with them. 


  • Well-conceived custom corporate gifts can help in establishing your credibility and positioning your brand in from of others in the industry. 
  • You may like to base the selection of executive gift ideas by knowing the needs and preferences of target recipient’s beforehand. 
  • A bit of research or direct calls can provide the information you need to understand which branded gifts would work best with them. 
  • This approach would foster better customer relationships to make your business grow. 


  1. Budget-friendly tool for marketing


The endeavours directed towards marketing rank fairly low onthe priority listof companies when it comes to budgeting. This is despite the fact that both online and offline marketing strategies have become indispensable for business growth. 


  • One of the perks of maximizing corporate gifting and promotional items is that they are quite affordable. 
  • These cost-effective means of advertising can help you market your products and services consistently, and for several months in a row. 
  • Branded products like a custom USB drive or a mouse product serve to be fairly cheap. They attract low monetary investments yet drive forth enormous effects with respect to brand recognition and your organization’s reputation. More often than not, investments in corporate promotional items end up being worthwhile investments across the lifespan of your business.
  • Designing a successful plan for fun corporate gifts or gifts for employees will not cost a fortune. It is recommended that you get in touch with a reputed corporate gift shop in Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi to chalk out a budgeted marketing plan and implement your corporate gifts strategies successfully. 
  • Promotional merchandise functions like your business card, so do not compromise on the quality of the products – your entire marketing campaign may misfire. 


  1. Lead generation


Different entrepreneurs are known to try out different types of strategies for the cause of generating quality leads. 


  • Satisfactory lead generation is bound to improve upon their their ROI in the long run. 
  • A premium gift, as well as, promotional products, plays an important role in generating good leads. They have the potential to convert potential customers to loyal clients. 
  • Many a times, the size of the company gifts does not matter as long as they succeed in adding value to their users. 
  • While packaging these gifts, it is important to leave your number, a hint for call to action, or your business address, as you deem appropriate. You may include your website URL to enable prospective customers to gather useful data and information on your landing pages.


  1. Boost in brand visibility


Promotional products, sound employee gift ideas, and gifts for customers, offer your brand more visibility with minimal effort.


  • It is recommended that you select popularly used items including drink ware, laptop bags, writing materials, smart devices, apparel, or other useful promotional gifts, to make customers recognize your brand logo the moment they see it. 
  • It is important to keep checking the latest trends while choosing promotional items. In order to gain optimal returns, invest in corporate gifts that are most relevant to your niche of business.


  1. They are diverse in nature


Most business fall prey to monotony while showcasing their brand to the world. Business cards do their job well and also serve their purpose, but they do not leave the same impact as branded promotional gifts


  • Business cards usually end up with similar business cards in the folds of a holder or wallet. The point is that they  fail to stand out to clients and customers, nor do they encourage brand recall unless pulled out intentionally. 
  • On the other hand, handing out tangible and more useful company promotional items is a good way to show you care. 
  • The effort put behind brainstorming company gift ideas and freezing upon the best corporate gifts for clients shows your thoughtfulness and reminds recipients about the existence of your business. 


Corporate gifting companies in UAE have several gifting ideas and products in their repository to guide your branding campaigns forward. Their corporate giveaway ideas are innovative and diverse and create far more positive impacts than traditional giveaway ideas for clients


  1. Enhanced employee morale


There are several opportunities wherein businesses find it easy to offer unexpected benefits to their employees. 


  • Gifts  for employees is a tried and tested means of retaining them in the workplace. 
  • Promotional products are well-equipped to uphold your business in positive light in the minds of all stakeholders, employees included. Such gifts can be given away as rewards for accomplishing daunting tasks. 
  • Branded and high-quality promotional gifts, especially those that are useful on a day-to-day basis, are designed to become incredibly valuable in the eyes of workers. 
  • There is no dearth of personalized corporate gifts to choose from as well. They can be given away as parting gifts, gifts for promotion, or birthday and anniversary presents, to your employees to boost their morale. 

Way Forward with Promotional Giveaways


Overall, promotional gift items have always been important for marketing strategists and are here to stay. It is essential for your business in UAE to understand industry changes and keep a tab on the latest and unique corporate gift ideas to adopt as your own. A promotional gift company will advise you on the shifts in industry’s trends. Their professionally-trained executives can aid the conceptualization and implementation of your promotional product campaigns. These experts have the right skills in place to modify the simplest of promotion gift ideas to skyrocket your business growth – that too well within your budget. 


If your business needs positive changes in the next quarter, then this is your chance to grow. Seek professional help to make your promotional product endeavours successful. Invest in unique corporate giveaways and see your business graph soar!