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What’s the Right Time to Send Corporate Gifts? To Whom?

Nowadays, it is commonplace for businesses to send custom corporate gifts all across the year.  So, what’s the right time to give shape to your creative corporate gift ideas? As per experts, there is no ‘perfect’ time for corporate gifting.Yes, it is no longer a norm for businesses to wait for the holiday season to send out company promotional items


The next question that probably comes to mind is who should you send these gifts to when the time is appropriate? There is no laid-down rule of the thumb for this. You can send corporate thank you gifts or promotional gift items to your clients, service providers, vendors, employees, other stakeholders, or any entity who’s instrumental in making your business grow. Business gifts are usually sent as a token of gratitude of appreciation. They create firmer grounds for better work relationships and keep your business on top of the mind of the recipients. 


Here, we aim to throw light on when you should send custom promotional items and corporate gifts, and to whom. 

Gifting During the Holiday Season -Make the Right Impact


As all your clients may not be celebrating a particular festival, say Christmas, you need to know their cultural practices and background before you start buying items from a promotional gift company. It is important that your holiday gifting strategy retains importance by getting noticed by your client in the onslaught of presents. Also, it is common for some establishments to remain closed, or practically empty, in the holiday season. Therefore, may want to confirm an ideal time before implementing your holiday gift strategies.


November and December, the prime time for sending client gifts, requires careful planning of innovative corporate gifts, and in advance. You need to aim for the right timing to remain holiday-neutral. For example, if you desire your gifts to reach all recipients before Christmas, plan the delivery in such a way that they arrive in time but not too early or too late to lose their impact. If the gifts arrive somewhere in January, then instead of an X-mas gift your client would be thanking you for a New Year’s present. So, plan well in advance and after knowing the background of those whom you wish to send the gifts too. 

When to Send Company Gifts?


Corporate gifting companies in UAE are always brimming with the best corporate giveaway ideas and merchandise to boost the marketing strategies of their clients – without waiting for festival or any other special occasion. This effectively means that there is no such thing as a ‘good time’ or ‘bad time’ to buy and send custom promotional merchandise to your clients. 


However, it is essential to work out the appropriate timing to make your gifting strategy a success. You may consider a new product launch, a project completion date, or any other day on which you wish to express your gratitude to send gifts for customers and clients. If you are planning to give away personalized gifts to your employees, you may want to do so upon reaching a project milestone, higher profit figures, or the happening of any special event. 

Custom Promotional Gifts for Clients


John Hall, a contributor to Forbes, believes that corporate logo gifts, however small or inexpensive, should be sent across to all clients, at least once each year. Putting your corporate gifts ideas in place is an effective means of reminding your clients about your products and services. A report in the Sacramento Business Journal states that despite the recent recessionary trends in some sectors, companies continue to invest in unique corporate giveaways to keep themselves ahead in the race. 


For instance, if you are running a SME, and have a small number of clients, try to send personalized corporate gifts in appreciation of your business relationship. You may time the delivery of branded giftsafter completing a good financial quarter or year. Remember to personalize gifts by paying attention to the habits of your clients. Alternatively, you may seek information about the preferences of your clients from your sales team, or other employees who have dealt with them in the past. 


The same rings true if you happen to have few valuable vendors, customers, or service providers with large accounts in your overall list of clients. For instance, if you have observed a client using a specific brand of laptop or personal computer, send him an exclusive accessory for the same. Such high-utility gifts need no ‘good’ timing and are well-accepted and appreciated at all times of the year.


For example, if your client is an avid golfer, consider adding more value to his or her golf kit by sending relevant gift items from a preferred course. Again, there is no perfect time to send creative corporate gifts. In fact, such executive gift ideas would make your client feel special and show how much you care. You may time the delivery of this gift with an upcoming long weekend or the holiday season. This example of cool corporate gifts can also be extended and replicated with other clients in their fields of interest. 

Gift for Clients: What Would Work?


Are you responsible for a big business comprising of numerous clients? If yes, it would not be practical to manage individual purchases and time them accordingly. 


  • Check out elegant yet affordable exclusive corporate gifts that can leave the helpful mark you desire. 
  • To make your business gift ideas a success, avoid cheap promotional items that may lack utility or be of low quality. 


The same applies for general items like notepads and pens embossed with your business logo. These articles are good as promotional giveaways at corporate events, seminars, and exhibitions. In all probability, they would fail to impress your clients if sent as a festival gift, gift of appreciation, or something that marks a special occasion, like a work anniversary. 

Personalize Gifts for Clients


Regardless of the nature of the professional gifts sent to your clients, always remember to add a handwritten card that addresses them directly. Pay attention to the spelling of their names, and accentuate them properly. Such small things go a long way in consolidating relationships with your clients and give good business returns. 


The timing of gift giving to your clients can be varied as per their culture, corporate calendar, or celebration of specific festivals. For example, there may be some clients who celebrate Eid but do not celebrate Christmas, and vice-versa. It is absolutely okay to ask of your clients about the festivals they celebrate; but without giving vent to any religious sentiment or belief. 


Once you are aware of the best time for implementing your corporate merchandise ideas, go ahead and trigger off the orders in good time. Say, if you are planning the delivery of business gifts to match New Year’s celebrations, then remember to start the process at least three months in advance. It takes time to freeze upon the best products at your preferred corporate gift shop – either online or offline!


Alternatively, you might check out other appropriate times during the year for sending across great corporate gifts–for instance, after the completion of a specific project that involves your clients, a personal or business milestones, or a new product launch. However, do not send gifts when the time is inappropriate. For example, if you are in the midst of a merger, trying to shut down accounts with particular clients, or if you are currently occupied in a bidding war that involves a competitor. Giving company gifts at such times are likely to send out incorrect messages.

Corporate Gifts for Employees


As per an annual holiday survey report published by CareerBuilder, it has become common for employees to expect at least one token of appreciation for the contribution made by them. To meet this expectation, employers are found brainstorming for the best employee gift ideas to implement at the end of the financial year, or at any given time during the holiday season. While cash bonus is a welcome gift, more unconventional favors in the form of fun corporate giftsare now being appreciated by employees. 


If you have a sizeable number of employees, and are finding it tough to give out cash tokens, think of small gifts for your employees. It is best to stick with similar items, or items of similar value, to maintain parity and make each employee feel appreciated. However, larger employee gifts are recommended for senior employees or colleagues with whom you work closely. You must remember to give a gift to each individual working in your company. Coworkers tend to exchange information and you wouldn’t want to leave or forget anyone – that would make him or her feel under-appreciated.

Gifts for Vendors and Service Providers


You deal with your service providers and vendors across the year. Your consistent and ongoing relationship with them warranties end-of-the-year or holiday gifts for them as well. You may also consider sending exclusive corporate gifts to your consultants, virtual assistants, and remote workers to acknowledge their contributions to the success of your business. These gifts can either be sent out to mark a holiday, festival, or special corporate event. You may also consider sending the gifts once a big project is successfully completed. 


Another good time to send presents to service providers is during or after a period when they have gone out of the way to assist your company. Along with a premium gift imprinted with your business logo, you may think of sending small hand-printed notes to show how you appreciate their presence in your business. Before you start buying gifts for your service providers, do check if they have any restrictive policies with regards to gift giving. Plan your strategy accordingly. 

Go by Expert Opinion 


According to John Ruhlin, an expert in unique corporate gift ideas, holidays are to be avoided while sending out branded promotional gifts to clients. Even the best corporate gift ideas and company gifts are likely to go unnoticed when sent during holidays. More so, it may seem that the corporate gift items have been sent across as an obligatory gesture. 


A valuable recommendation by the expert, who has also authored ‘Giftology’, is that corporate business gifts are ideally delivered at unexpected times. This ensures that the client remembers the gift and the sender’s business for a long time. 


Taking the expert opinion forward, it is clear that the time of implementation of your corporate gifting strategy is of primary importance. In fact, it is as important, if not more, as the corporate promotional items sent by you. As is true in the case of personal gifting, it is essential that you ponder upon ‘when’ to send corporate gifts for clients along with ‘what’ and ‘how’ to send them. In other words, know how to time your corporate giveaways to create the maximum impact on your clients. 

Practice the Art of Corporate Gift Giving


Your gift, if well-considered by the recipient, will have a long-term impact on future work relationships. Therefore, strive to buy meaningful and useful corporate gifts online or offline. Try to find items that will leave a lasting impact and will create the right impression. At most times, smartly conceived and well-timed promotional items and gifts lead to repeat referrals and business. Pay attention to details to bring in the wow factor in your gifts. Beautifully presented and carefully curated gifts, especially those that successfully complement ongoing projects, are likely to become a hit with your clients and employees.  


Last but certainly not the least, irrespective of when you send out corporate gifts, or to whom, remember that their quality would directly reflect upon the image of your business. High-quality products, ordered from the best corporate gift companies in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, will help in making a powerful statement with respect to your brand. Invest in trending, premium-quality, and meaningful items only, and see your business relations soar!